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sex stories My First Time with a group.

sex stories My First Time with a group.

I grew up in Michigan. I spent a lot of my summers with my cousins in Detroit. I lived about 175 mile away.
David was my age and he had a twin sister Lauara. A year later Barb and Richard had another set of twins. They were Vicki and Gail. All of the girls were real popular in school because of their looks and their dad was a cop. I went around with a hard on the whole time I was there. But, they were cousins. That would be incest.
Richard and my Dad were Detroit Tiger fans. I was too and hoped one day to play on the team. We would spend a couple of weeks with the family and end up at the game.
This particular day, it was real stormy. The game got called off. The parents all went out for the evening. We were bored so we started to play a game of spin the bottle. We would kiss and once in a while, and I would cop a feel.
Laura told me she had mentioned to a friend that I would be here for a few days and asked her to come by and meet me. We were in the middle of the game and the door bell rang. It was Billy Jean, Laura's friend. We were in the living room and she wanted to join the game. I am not the best looking guy in town but she must have thought I looked pretty good. The first time the bottle landed on here, she just leaned over and planted a big kiss on me. At the same time, she put her hand on my leg just below my cock. I got an instant hard on. The bottle landed on me next so I returned the favor. While I was kissing her, I got a good feel of her tits.
I thought the game would be called here too. But the rest of the bunch changed the rules. Now, if the bottle landed on you, you had to take off an article of clothing. We went to the basement to continue the game. It would be more private if someone came by.
The bottle landed on David and he took his shirt off. It landed on Vicki next. I must stop here and explain. It was a hot muggy night and they did not have an air conditioner. We had on shorts and t-shirts. Well, we did have on underwear but that gave the girls a real disadvantage.
Vicki took off her blouse. I had never seen her without her top before. WOW. she had amazing tits. Small nipples that I could see through her bra. I had a super hard on. I was hoping the bottle would land on me so I could take my pants off and give my cock sume relief. Laura was next. She did not want to be out done so she took off her shirt too. Her tits were a little bigger but I could see her nipples too. This was getting to be too much. Billy Jean lost twice in a row. She took off her shirt and shorts. I could see the red hair on her pussie through her panties. I saw a wet spot too. Her tits were small but pointed. I was about cum in my pants.
David lost again and took his shorts off. He was sporting a big lump in his underwear. Gail then lost her shirt. Man, all those tits just crying to get out of the prisons.
This was sad, I still had on all my cloths. Vicki lost and had to take off her shorts. She had some brown hair showing through her panties. My cock was dripping with pre cum. I fiannly lost one and took off my shorts. My cock was so hard, it made the girls all want to see more.
I lost again and took my shirt off. I just wanted to tease them a little. The bottle landed between Gail and Vicki so we voted that they both had to remove something. Laura lost twice and took off her shorts and did not really want to remove anything else. We finally talked her into her bra. Whe she hesitated, Billie Jean reached over and unhooked it and Laura let it fall. It really got quiet. I was licking my lips and David was rubbing his hard cock.
Gail lost her bra as did Vicki. Both had hard nipples. I guess they really liked being seen naked. What would this night turn out to be. Billie Jean lost her bra next. Here we are, all down to one article of clothing. Who would be first to show it all?
The next spin landed on me. I proudly stood up and lowered my underwear. I had never been so turned on in my life. I have watched a lot of porn and read a lot of books, but I had never seen a naked girl in the flesh before. I did not know it until now, all of us were virgins.
David lost his underwear and the girls kept looking from my cock to his and back to mine. My cock was about 6 inches and David's was about 7 inches.
Now the girls were licking their lips. They had never seen a cock in the flesh. Everyone was really nervouse. Billie Jean lost her panties and she was followed by Vicki. Now that there only two left with any cloths on if the bottle did not land on one of them, the one it landed on could pick which one should be next. It landed on David and he picked Gail. That kinda made Laura angry. Gail went ahead and took her panties off. Laura took her panties off too and said game over.

Well actually, the game just became more interesting. I spun the bottle and it landed on Billie Jean. Everyone look around and said, "now what." I said Billie Jean could pick someone out and tell them to do something with one of us. She said, "Rodney, stroke your cock for us." I told her with pleasure. I stroked by hard cock for a few minutes and they spun the bottle again. It landed on Gail. Gaile said, " Billie Jean, you strok Rodney's cock. Billie Jean came over to me and put her hand on my cock and I could not help it, I shot my wad about three foot in the air. The girls loved it. David got his turn when Laura was told to stroke his cock. He had more control than I did.
Things really got heated up. Laura got to pick next and she told David to kiss her tits. He did and when he got started, he did not want to stop. In fact, he dropped down and kissed her pussie too. Vicki said I want some of that too. So, no bottle needed I knelt down and started to lick her pussie. Not to be outdone, Billie Jean went down between my legs and started sucking my cock. Gail started sucking on David's cock.
David could not hold out any longer. He let loose with a big load. Gail took it all and licked her lips for more. My cock was hard again and I had Billie Jean lay on her back and I put my cock between her virgin pussie lips and slowly moved in. My cock was small enough that it did not hurt her a lot but she did go crazy with her first orgasm. I had not come the second time so I got Gail on her knees and put my cock in her from behind. I could fuck her and feel her tits at the same time.
David was ready for round two. He had Vicke straddle him and she lowered herself down on his awaiting cock. His cock was a little bigger around than mine. Vicki took it a little at a time. Finally, it was all the way in her pussie and they shared what they called, "Heavenly Bliss." Vicki almost passed out from her orgasm.
I was holding out for one more fuck. I told Laura to get over here. She stretched out on the bed and asked me to be gently. I placed my hard cock at the entrance of her pussie and rubbed it around a little. She was so wet, but her pussie was so tight that I was not sure if I could get my cock in. Slowly, ever so slowly I went in. I stopped several times so she could get used to the new feeling. All at once, Laura started bucking and fucking me back. She had the biggest orgasm I had ever seen. Those girls on the porn site had nothing on her. This was for real.
We layed around for a while just stroking and kissing each other. The girls took turns sucking our cocks and even sucking one another's pussies. I must have had four orgasms. But hell, it was hard to count.
This was the greatest summer of my life. Before I left, we got together one more time.

News travels fast. We had several of the cousin's friends wanted to play our version of spin the bottle. I am looking forward to next summer. Who knows, maybe the fox next door will be one of our new players.


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