Wednesday, 28 December 2011

sex stories Showing My Girlfriend Pleasure

sex stories Showing My Girlfriend Pleasure

this story is about my girlfriend.. she is one amazing babe.. those soft 34d breasts.. smooth 28 waist.. and a rpond 38 butt... woowiee... just irresistable... but the worst part is.. she's too homely.. atleast was... we've been together since 2 years now.. its been wonderful... but we had never had sex mostly cz we dont have a place.. but once my house was empty so i called her in.. but she said no cz she dint have the mood.. well.. i was upset.. but i controlled myself cz i dint wanna make her feel ba
One day there was nobody in both our house.. my parents had gone to a tour and her parents had gone to their native... i don know why but that day she was pretty horny.. we decided to chat on skype.. oh thank god for vid chat.. i could see her so horny.. i made her strip for me and rub her clit for me... but she wanted the real deal.. she said she will come over but.. i said.. NO.. cz she had said no last time.. but she was begging me... she said she will do anything for it.. i agreed saying she has to do everything i say..
Then i told her to wear clothes that i chose.. i made her wear a black knee length skirt with a black panty inside.. and a tight bra and her old shirt.. a green one with wide shoulders and a deep cut with 3 buttons on the top.. that shirt ended just above her deep belly button... then i told her to wear a jacket with zip in the front.. oh man that 5 foot 5 inch babe was looking so hot... then i told her to take a auto to come to my house.. she said okay and left for my house..
Then i called her up as she was in the auto.. and told her somethings to do..she was shocked but i said she has to do everything.. then she slowly unzipped her jacket and un buttoned all her shirt buttons.. showing ample cleavage.. believe me.. if there was one button there her bra would have been seen...
Then as the auto stopped near my house i was standing nearby seeing my what she would be doing... she got off the auto.. stood next to the auto with her tummt facing the driver inside.. and lifted both her hand making her hair proper showing all that sexy waistline to that lucky guy.. then she bent forward showing the valley between her breasts to the auto driever and asked what for the cost of the trip the driver was all shocked and kept looking at her breasts... and told her the amount.. she then paid it and came to my house.. i walked behind her and hugged her when she reached my door.. i then opened the door and let her in.. we went to my bedroom.. i made her naked...oh mannnn.. she has really big aerolas.. and her nipples stand out bout an inch when she is horny... and i had always told her to keep that pussy of hers hairless...
Then i took her to bed squeezing and kissing every part of her body.. sucking those big boobs... and fingered her pussy for bout 5 mins... then i stopped she told..."moby dont go.. fuck me you bastard" i told "no way.. i fuck only bitchs are you a bitch?" she said "yes moby fuck me fuck your bitch rip my pussy take my ass.. fuck me i am a bitch"... that time an idea struck my mind.. i said "prove that you are a bitch.. " she said "tell me anything i will do for you.. i'll fuck yr friends if you want.. but just fuck me".. i told  her to get up then.. i took out a bag and threw it on the bed.. pulled and smooched and told "wear those clothes come out..then do as i say then you get my dick".. she said okay.. i was waiting outside for her 5 mins later she came.. o man what a hottieee she was..
Dressed in ultra low jean shorts showing all her sexy legs.. and that top wow.. a sleeveless white tube top that covered her breasts and till bout a inch above her navel.. and i jacket black color.. of the same length... as soon as she came i slapped and squeezes her butt and kissed her.. then we left out on my bike.. she was hugging me closely cz she was shy... i could see in my rear view mirror how ppl were looking at her.. then i stopped the bike in a mall.. and after i parked my bike in the mall .. i told her to open her jacket.. and walk with me.. as we were walking in the mall i could ppl looking at her and few guys passing a few comments... but i wanted to see people see more of her and touch her... i was not statisfied.. i took her to a shop there and told her to pick a thick material skirt.. she bout one black sort of velvety skirt.. i told her to wear it and come.. and i told her to remove her top and just wear the jacket...then we left home.. i took her to a tailor and told her to wait outside and come inside in 5 mins.. i knew the tailor but he dint know my girlfriend.. he was about my age.. the shop was empty then my bitch walked in.. showing her sexy navel... and told the tailor to stitch her a tight half kurta and a tight pant for it..
Tailor told her to come inside for the measuremnts.. he was taking measurements.. of her waist touching her waist.. oh man.. i had the best hard on ever.. then she told him again.. "i want the dress to fit perfectly.. it should be tight" he told "madam yr wearing a thick jacket and skirt the measurements wont be correct.. you come later with l=thin material clothes" then my girlfriend looked at me and then at the tailor and started unzipping her jacket saying "i will take off the skirt and jacket now only you take measurements properly.." the tailors jaws dropped looking at her breasts.. she was only in bra on top.. he tot she would have a shirt under the jacket.. soon she was standing in bra and panty only and she told "take my measurements.. y are you looking at my bra.. do you want me to take it off too??" the tailor was shocked at that question i could see his buldge in his pants.. he said "ma'am best measurements will be if you are fully naked.. so if you don mind....." before he finished his sentence my girlfriend was fully naked.. and she told.. "plz take the measurements fast.. i need to go...".. my friend the tailor quickly.. started taking her measurements... and held her boobs and started squeezing her... she pushed him away.. and told "i'm naked for measurements only why are you squeezing me?" my friend told "ma'am juat wanted to ask you how tight should the clothes squeeze you" my girlfriend said "not much it should just fit.. now show me yr designs".. she chose the design also naked and wore the clothes and left.. i hit my friend and told.. wow man.. nice customer.. and left.. i found my girlfriend waitinf at the door.. i opened the door and lifted her and threw her on the bed..i closed the door.. and came she was already naked and fingering her cunt saying "you bastard fuck me now.. i let that guy see me naked and touch me too.. if you dont fuck me.. i will go get fucked by him..." i slapped her butt and said.. "i will fuck you first bitch..."
And started licking her cunt.. in was so fucking wet.. she told done waste time i'm fully turned on.. just fuck me.. and ripped my shirt off.. i got naked.. i have an average 7 inch dick i told her to suck it.. she started rolling her tongue all over my dick and balls... bit me a little and told.." fuck my mouth later.. my pussy is waiting" i was so horny that i just pushed her on the bed.. and shoved my entire dick in one push into her pussy.. she screamed with pain.. saying "ah.. fuck finally..."i rammed her full throttle for the first sec she was moaning and screaming... i fell her cum atleast thrice.. then i cummed in her and took out my dick and told "thats not it bitch.. i want that ass of yours.. suck me now".. she got up and sucked my dick cleaning and lubing it.. in 10 mins my dick was hard again.. i made her stay in doggy position.. and licked her asshole.. and fingered it.. she kept shouting and moaning.. and then i put my dick in her and fucked her... in was painful but we were too hoorny to care.. i kept slapping her butt and squeezing her boobs as i fucked her ass... finally i cam in her ass.. and took out my dick.. we were so tired well just slept off together.. the whole sex session went on for 70 mins or so.. when i woke up i found her sleeping.. i went to cook a little food for us..a nd make some hot tea..she came naked and hugged from back said "i love you moby..." "i tot ppl just cum once or twice during sex.. you made me do it 8 times.. it was wonderful"
"thanks for making me a bitch..i loved it.."
He bitchiness knew no limits.. but her other stories.. some other time guys.. hope you liked my first story..


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