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sex stories The Unexpected Visitor - How I Cheated On My Husband

sex stories The Unexpected Visitor - How I Cheated On My Husband

The phone call changed my life.
It was late in the night. I was about to go to sleep. Who could it be ringing at this time. I knew Guru was in the plane right now flying abroad for a conference.
“This is Kumar. Sorry to trouble you at this time of the night  Bani”  I was only talking to him the day before. He rang to say that he was in town. He used to live here many years ago, but went away for quite some time. I heard that he was divorced from his then wife.
“That is okay. What can I do for you?”
“Yesterday you mentioned about dropping in for a cup of tea any time. I was wondering whether tomorrow afternoon would be okay by you.”
I was free any how. “Of course, that will be great. We have lots of news to catch up with.” I didn’t give another thought to that and soon went off to sleep.
I had a very busy morning at my medical clinic and totally forgot about the phone call. I went and did some shopping and when I drove to our house I saw him waiting outside.
Oh Shit. “I am sorry I clean forgot” I apologised and let him into the house after quickly parking the car.
He looked great for some one in his med fifties. We were all of the same age. Looking at Guru, you would say he was at least ten years older. Kumar looked trim and still had all his dark black hair. I did mention to him. “You look great”
He looked me over. I was embarrassed by the way his eyed dwindled on my boobs a second or two longer than it should have. “You don’t look bad either” he remarked. He was always a tease and has tendency to flirt.
I had to confess that I always enjoyed flirting with him too. It never went too far. He always made it a point to remark about my boobs. You can’t blame him. I do have quite noticeable boobs. Even with age, it still was quite well formed and maintained its contour.
We sat and talked over a few cups of tea and it was very enjoyable as we had lots in common – books, movies, travel and about each others family. He suddenly asked, “Does Guru still goes off to sleep half way through having sex?” It was a standard joke among friends about his tendency to go off to sleep while talking. I laughed and said, “It is not a problem any more. He goes off to sleep even before we start.” We both laughed. “How about you?  Didn’t you want to get married again or find another woman?”
“No.  I had enough of women after being married to Mary for so long” His wife was an Anglo-Indian. Quite a pretty woman but they were always fighting with each other as far back as I could remember.
Suddenly we both realised it was getting quite late. “I am so sorry for having taken your time’ he apologised. I said “Please don’t. It was really great fun talking with you. Why not stay for dinner; I will make some thing quick and easy.” I didn’t have to try hard to convince him to stay. Probably he was lonely too and he enjoyed the company. “Sure, if it is not too much of a bother.”
He followed me to the kitchen. I had some left over meat and vegetables dishes in the fridge. I added a few ingredients and started to make all into one curry dish.
I was busy with my cooking. Kumar was standing behind me sipping a glass of wine and I suddenly felt his breath on the back of the neck. I was shocked at the same time was excited. What was he up to? I didn’t want to turn my head and continued with my work. I felt his nose touching the back if my neck and it tickled me.
“Please don’t Kumar. I am bit ticklish”
I should not have said that because he continued to do it. I giggled and tried to pull my neck away from him. Next thing I felt his arms around my waist pushing his body against my back.
“We shouldn’t be doing it Kumar” I objected, But my voice was feeble and was not very convincing.
“Of course we should. You know how much we both want it” I couldn’t have put it any better way. I can’t remember when was the last time Guru has showed any kind of romantic affection. Probably never. That is the way he was made. To be honest, I was the same too. When I was young, I had lots of romantic fantasies. But, after marriage, the work, children and every thing else took priorities and it was put in the back burner. Suddenly, I felt all the penned up emotions were swelling up from within me.
He started to kiss the back of my neck. Goose pimples spread all over me. I slightly turned my head towards him and smiled. He smiled and his hands moved to cup my boobs. I was still in work clothes. I usually wear shalwar kammez. It was quite tight fitting. The shawl has already fallen to the ground. He gently squeezed them. It felt heavenly. I placed my hands on top of his. He thought I was going to pull his hands away. But I just kept them in top of his and gently pushed them against my boobs.
He was waiting for that cue. He started to unbutton the kameez and turned me towards him. I put my arms around his neck and he bent down and started to kiss me on my lips. It was nothing like anything I have ever experienced in my life. I kissed him back and our lips were hungrily clinging to each others. Our mouths were open and our tongues were probing each others. All the buttons were off and he gently pulled it up and slipped it off my shoulders and head. It also fell to the ground.
“Wow. You do have a lovely pair of boobs!” he exclaimed. I blushed as his eyes feasted on them. He grabbed them over the black laced bra I was wearing. His hands were rough as he squeezed them. It did hurt a bit but it was quite pleasant. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the lovely feeling. After a few squeezes, I felt his hands going around my back and unhooking my bra straps. My boobs came free from its restrains. He quickly pulled the bra off my shoulders and it joined the rest of my clothes on the floor.
It felt so odd standing half naked in the kitchen. “Mmmm they look so inviting” he said as he held my naked boobs in his hands. My mind kept telling me that I should stop but my body wanted him very badly.
“Let us go to the bed room” he said. It was more of a command rather than a request. I was not sure whether to do as he asked or to stay put. He gently pushed me towards the guest room which was adjacent to the kitchen. He knew the lay about of the house. When we entered the room, he pushed me on to the bed and climbed over me. I was a bit surprised at his roughness, but was as excited as he was. His hands were squeezing my boobs vigorously; it hurt quite a bit but the enjoyment was more than the pain. Guru was always timid when he fondled me and it has never made me feel the way I was experiencing right then. It was very different when you are under the control of a man who knew what he wanted.
He stroked my nipples with his fingers. Now and then he pinched them. I was not sure whether he was doing it purposely to make me know that he was in control or it was all part of the sex act. I said ‘ouch’ a couple of times. He chided me, “Don’t be a sissy”. Soon his mouth replaced his fingers and he started to suck on one of the nipples while still stroking the other one. It was heavenly. He was like a hungry baby suckling on its mother’s breasts. It must have been a long time since he has been with a woman.
A warm feeling started to spread through my body. It is a long time since I have felt that way. My body shuddered as he went from one boob to the other. In his eagerness to suck, some times he even bit on my nipples. I accepted the fact there is going to be some pain along with the pleasure. I felt my undies getting wet and the beginning of an orgasm. I stared to moan and my body swayed up and down rubbing against his body which was pressed against mine.
He sensed I was ready. He got up and quickly pulled my Shalwar down and removed it. I had black laced panties which matched the bard I had before. He admired it for a moment before pulling it down. I was not sure what to expect next, but was disappointed that he did not tarry much on my pussy, but was busy taking off his clothes. I was keen to look at his naked body. I sort of had a mental picture how he would be without any clothes, but in reality he surpassed all my expectations. He was quite tall, really trim and well built. Nothing much as fat any where on his body. Just the opposite of Guru who was short, stumpy and to be honest, fat.
He didn’t waste any time. He climbed into the bed between my parted legs and I was able to see his penis in its full glory. It was really thick and quite long. I have never been with any men other than Guru sexually. But, as a doctor, I have examined many men and his one was defiantly much bigger in girth and length than Guru’s and one of the largest I have ever seen. Of course it was erect and as I watched, it was growing in size. I was not expecting when he suddenly shoved his cock into my vagina. Even though I was excited by all the foreplay, I was not wet enough to accommodate his cock and it hit me like a lightening when an excruciating pain pierced through my pelvis. I screamed out of pain. He must have mistaken it for delight as increased the pace and kept on moving it in and out in deeper thrust. I thought I was going to die. I have never felt this kind of pain with Guru.
I have to confess that I usually apply Vaseline before we have sex. But I was not in our bed room and there was nothing in the guest room. Further more, things happened very fast that I couldn’t get my self prepared for it. Gradually the pain started to fade away and a strange sensation of pleasure started to spread all over the body. The more he moved in and out of me greater the pleasure was and my vaginal secretins were starting to flow and lubricated his cock. I started to groan. I don’t think I ever do make any noises during sex as far as I could recollect. I had no control on what I was saying. “Don’t stop….. Keep going….” It may sound strange but I was getting a real orgasm. First time in my life.
I know all about orgasm – all from my reading books and journals. As a family doctor, I have patients who come to me, mostly females, and from upper and middle class social strata. They like to ask advice from their doctors on every thing from menstrual problems to pain during sex. But for me, at personal level, orgasm was an overrated phenomenon. That is what I though until now. I knew exactly what my patiens have been telling me about ‘earth shattering experience’.
Involuntarily my pelvis was moving to keep pace with his movement. Now Kumar started moaning too. “You are a great fuck Bani. Your pussy is bloody tight like a virgin”. I was shocked and taken aback by his language. I m nor used to such expressions. He was not a bad fuck either, I thought to myself and smiled. “I love it Kumar”. He had his eyes closed. He must be getting closer and I also was reaching the climax. My whole body was tingling as if there was electric current passing through me. I thought I was going to explode when he shouted “Oh Fuck” and shot his cum into my vagina.
I could feel the copious amount of it spurting out of his cock and filling my hole. The cavity was not big enough to hold the lot and I felt it seeping out on to my thighs. It was warm and sticky. He collapsed on top of me and I held him tightly against my body. It felt good, his heavy body lying on top of me. Usually, Gura rolls over once he comes and next minute he goes off to sleep. Kumar stayed inside me for a long time. His cock was still firm, and was still filling my hole. After a minute or two, I felt a short shudder in my body and my vagina started to contract on his cock as if I was having another orgasm. It was only short lived but it was as pleasant as the big one. I never have experienced it before, but have read about it – what some call as ‘after shock’.
I must have felt 4 or 5 of such after shocks. Even Kumar was surprised when it happened. “What the heck it is?” he asked. I told him what it was and asked him to stay in for a little longer. He loved that idea. In the mean time, he started to play with my boobs again. He sucked, pinched and squeezed – not in a particular order. He was a bit more rough that before. But I didn’t want to complain as I was also enjoying the after shocks at that time. After what appeared to be eternity, he rolled off me my side. We held on to each other. It was a very blissful feeling. We kissed and cuddled for a short time. Both of us suddenly realise that we were hungry.
“What is for dinner?” he demanded part jokingly. I got up and said “Men. Never happy with any thing”. I was looking for my clothes. ‘Don’t worry about the clothes. I want you to walk around naked” he said. ‘Come on Kumar. I can’t do that, especially if I have to warm the food in the cook top”. Reluctantly he said, “Okay just put on my shirt. Nothing else”. He was quite adamant about it. I was not going to have another argument. Further more it was sort of exciting to move around half naked some thing which I have never dreamt of doing before in my life time. I better get used to it. His shirt was on the floor. I took it and slipped it on. It was a strange feeling wearing a man’s shirt and I could smell his body odour on it.
As I was preparing the food, my mind started to wander. I had the feeling that this relationship was not a one night stand. I had a monotonous life so far and I should probably make the best use of what has been presented to me. I also realised that it means I have to put up with his manners and whims and fancies. It took a long time for me to get used to Guru and his ways. It is going to be a steep learning curve with Kumar. I can’t imagine him being patient, from what I have seen so far. There could be a degree of violence too. Oh dear. What am I getting my self into? But, to my disbelief, my mind said that it was okay; I could handle it. Now I understood how women put up with violent partners.
We had dinner. He was almost baked as he was only wearing his undies. I was no better as his shirt was too small for my body and my boobs were straining to burst out of it. He though ti was funny. After dinner he wanted to have another round of sex. None of the excuses I gave made him change his mind. At one stage I thought he was going to strike me on my face for arguing with him. I finally gave in. Surprisingly instead of hating it, in fact I enjoyed it even though I was doing it undress protest. He was a different person. Very gentle and slow with lots of kissing and cuddling and I felt as if I was with a different person. I preferred the later one, but I did like the rough and masculine one too!


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